Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunday July 25, 2010

Thanks Obed for a wonderful lesson. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you. We are glad that Charles and Laura Beth had a great trip and made it home safe and sound. May the Lord be with you all for the remainder of this week and 'urge' you back into his house this Sunday. Please remember this Sunday is Promotion Sunday and there are still several needs with our little one's classes. Please be in prayer and seek the Lord's will to see if it is you who He wants to use!!
Scott and Kelly- the IVF did not take; Kelly is now more angry than anything. Please pray that she will seek comfort from the Lord. Pray for Scott as he helps he through this as I am sure he is grieving, himself.
Winston Hunt- moves to college August 1st. Will be going to New Mexico State. This is a huge deal for this young man. Please pray that Godly influences will be placed in his life. Also, be in prayer for the legal situations that are still to arise for him.
The Wiggins'- left Wetumpka today, will stay in Moody tonight and will head out to be with Jeff tomorrow. Please pray for safe travel.
Addison Hatcher will be going to Children's for an MRI for her febrile seizures. Please remember Crystal and Josh as the sit and wait, especially since Addie will be sedated. Please pray for the physicians and techs who will be caring for sweet Addie.
Kassidy Mitchell- 14 year old with severe epilepsy who will be undergoing tests at Children's in September. There are already known lesions on her brain, but the tests will determine the severity of the damage. She has already been diagnosed with a mild form of MR. This news has been difficult for her siblings.
Wetumpka School System- school is about to be in session and the teachers, administration and students need our prayers, especially since the killings. Tensions may be running high as the school year begins. Please pray that the staff will continue to be beacons of His light to what is sometimes a very dark place.
Katie Frederick's old boss- his ex-wife committed suicide, they have twins. Please pray for peace and understanding for the twins and comfort for him as he now raises the twins as a single dad.
Community at large!! People need Jesus and if we don't let them see Him through us, how will they know His love??
Hope to see you Sunday!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 2, 2010

We had a great time discussing "Marriage" this past Sunday. We were combined with the Pathfinders class and fortunately no one found themselves in trouble with their spouse!! If you were not with us, please know you were missed and we hope you are with us next Sunday. We were pleased to welcome the Boshells to worship with us. Hopefully we did not scare them away and they will return!! haha
Cake Auction- this coming Sunday. Please bring desserts or make bids on desserts. They may be picked up in the fellowship hall.
VBS Registration- is currently taking place. There are still opportunities to help! See Charles!
Jeff's cousin is doing better! Continue to pray.
Peggy Conner had her surgery and is now recovering. Please pray for her and those taking care of her needs.
Emily Barrett- she was in the hospital over the weekend; is home now recovering.
Scarlet- please pray for peace and comfort (I believe she has cancer). She also has emotional needs that need to be met from our Lord Jesus as she handles her daughter's (Edie Bridges) illness. Also pray the Edie will find comfort and that her family will feel the Lord's hand upon them.
Noel- Alison's cousin has emotional and mental stuff going on; please rememeber her and her family; also the physicians caring for her.
Tria Green- friend of the Sprayberry's; was treated for cancer and had a 1% chance that it would return and it has. Please pray for her, her family and for her upcoming treatment plan.
Peggy Blackburn- lost her mother this week. Please pray that she will lean on Jesus during this time of grief.
Mary Sharp- has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Please pray for her and her family as they deal with the difficult news and plan of care.
State- oil spill, those involved, those who could be involved
Jeremy has been coming to church without having to be prompted! Praise the Lord!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 25, 2010

Oh my goodness! I did not realize it had been so long since I had updated the apologies! This past week was a great day of worship! Thanks Laura Beth for bringing such a great lesson. We enjoyed having the Singles class with us. Please remember that we will be with the Pathfinders class this coming Sunday.
Jason Wilson- Jeff Wiggins' cousin who is in ICU with an infection from some Oysters he ate. Please pray that his body will heal and that the physicians will know what he needs. Please pray for the family as they wait by his side.
Jeff and Allison as he is away. Please pray that she will continue to remain strong while he is away and that he will have safe travels while he is gone.
Peggy Conner- she will be having surgery for breast cancer (may have already had by the time this is posted). Please pray that the physicians will be able to get it all and that she will recover well. Please pray for the family members who will be caring for her during her recovery.
Edie Bridges- has pelvis and lung cancer. She and her husband Randy have a 3 year old son. Please pray that she will find comfort and peace in our Lord Jesus. Please pray for her husband and others who sit with her and also for her son's understanding of all that is happening with his mommy.
Jane Martin- they found a mass in her chest. Please pray that treatment will be manageable and that she will recover well. Please remember her family members-that they and she will find comfort.
Summer twins in Georgia- Brooklyn and Quinn- they are having more good days than bad. Please continue to remember their parents, Richard and Kelly.
Anna- LB's friend who is pregnant with twins. She is at 37/38 weeks. Please pray for a smooth remainder of pregnancy and delivery.
Daniel- 26 year old friend of Jenn's just found out he has cancer. Pray that friends and relatives will be able to provide support. He is a private person and not wanting to share a lot of information. Please pray he will find comfort and peace.
Courtney's grandmother is in rehab. The physicians have told them their is not really anything else they can do for her. Please remember Courtney's dad and step-mother Charles and Ada Cummings; family questions their salvation. Please pray that Courtney and Dale are able to be the witnesses that they need to be and if these 2 are not Christians, that they will find the love of Jesus.
Bob- the Ellis' neighbor; battling cancer and had heart attack. Please pray for a speedy recovery and for the family caring for him.
The Caviness twins are doing much better! Please continue to keep them in your prayers!!
Shrimp boil at the Sylvest's Saturday May 23. Family event!! Bring the kiddos if you so wish!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday March 14, 2010

How impressed are you guys that this is being done ON Sunday??!!! Don't get used to it!! HAHA For those out for various reasons, please know you were missed. Even though we were few in number, we were great in faith (thanks Charles for the phrase!!). We joined with Pathfinders (Clint Peevy) this morning and Obed led a great lesson on immorality and how we as Christians should approach different situations/people/circumstances. We took a good long look at what God's word has to offer. What a great lesson! Thanks Obed!! Thank you Allison, Jeff and Clint for great a great breakfast!!
Kelly and Scott- Kelly has not miscarried yet. She had started to have some bleeding as our class continued this morning. The hope is that she will miscarry on her own so that she does not have to take drugs to induce the miscarriage. If she has to take the drugs, then she will have to wait 6 months before another IVF can take place. Please pray for their upset hearts as they want so badly to have a child.
Kelly and Richard- Heather's cousin in GA, 25 weeks along with twins and in the hospital until she delivers. Baby 2 is not getting sufficient blood flow through the umbilical chord. Please pray that the flow will remain the same or increase so that the babies will not have to be delivered. Please pray for Kelly as she is in the bed with only bathroom privileged and for Richard as he is by her side.
Allison and Jeff- Jeff will be leaving Tuesday for work and will be gone until July. Please pray for safety and for Allison as she will be home alone with the boys. They will only be able to see one another during visits where Allison will be traveling there (Virginia, I believe).
Anna- Laura Beth's friend who is 30 weeks pregnant with twins. She has carried them almost to term. They could deliver any time. Please pray for a safe delivery for mom and babies.
Destiny- Jenn's step-sister's daughter is still at Children's in Birmingham but is doing some better. Please continue to remember this family and sweet little girl. Please pray for comfort and for the best decisions to be made.
Hannah Rawls- 4th grader at Jenn's school was burned with hot cooking grease. She is at Children's in Birmingham. Please pray for comfort for her and for strength for her family. Burns are difficult to care for and are very painful.
Savannah in Kansas- this is a woman Jenn has learned about through the Internet. She was involved in an accident and is in the hospital in a coma. The situation seems really bad, but we know we serve an awesome God who works miracles each and every day. Please remember this family. Even though we may not know them, God does!
Caviness family- Elliot was brought to his BAMA home last night and Luke will be joining them Monday. Please pray for the family as they transition and as they learn to care for Luke and all of "his tubes" at home without the aid of the nurses. Please pray that the boys will continue to thrive and do well. What a testimony they already have at just 4 months old!! Praise God!
Spring Class Social ???Date
Women's Ministry Event- March 25-26 6pm (dinner) study begins at 7. Praise and worship led by Gigi and Joy! Cost: $12 this includes both meals.
Easter Egg Hunt- Goldstar Park April 3 10 am. Please invite friends and family. Games, food and fellowship! Please bring candy filled plastic eggs to Charles' office for the event.
Have a great week! Be a blessing to those around you! See you Sunday!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 7, 2010

Greetings all! For those not with us, we missed you and hope you find your way back to our class soon. I hope you were able to take the words that Charles brought to us and apply it to your walk this week. We hope to see you Sunday!
Prayer Requests:
Scott and Kelly discovered this week that their pregnancy was ectopic. Please pray for this couple as they deal with this loss and try to figure out where to go next. They need to feel the strength from the Lord.
The Rice family- Alison's sister-in-law's sister has been trying to conceive for some time. Please pray that she and her husband will be able to or that they will feel God's comfort and direction.
Caviness twins- Elliot has moved into the Ronald McDonald House with Robby and Candice. Luke is scheduled to have eye surgery at some point. Praise the Lord for His goodness and blessings He has poured out upon these babies and their parents.
Kelly and Richard Summers- Heather's cousin in Georgia; was admitted last night to the hospital because of complications with one of the twins. Kelly is 24 weeks along and it is anticipated that she will remain in the hospital until she delivers.
Prospects for our class- please pray that God will use and show us how to welcome others to our class.
March 25 &26- Women's Event; Loving Well- Beth Moore study to be done over the 2 nights. Dinner will be provided each night. Cost: $12 Sign up between services and sunday school times and on Wednesday night.
April 3- Easter Egg Hunt at GoldStar park. This will be a community event, so please invite friends and family.
Please be on the lookout for an email about a date for our class social. The general response was that the park/picnic was the best idea.
We hope to see you Sunday!

Monday, March 1, 2010

February 28, 2009

Hello Under Construction class members and visitors! Thank you Charles for a great lesson from the word this past Sunday. For those not with us, please know you were missed. Our class just does not feel the same with out you! We hope you will be back with us next week!!
It is our prayer that the Lord has been visible to others through you so far...I know it is only Monday!! Let His light shine so brightly through you that others may see it and glorify His name! Be the witness daily that He has called you to be!
Scott and Kelly-have received good news that he levels are increasing-PRAISE THE LORD! Continue to pray that she will be able to carry the baby. Pray for stress levels to stay low and spirits to continue to be lifted!!
Caviness twins- Elliot did not get to move to the Ronald McDonald House. Both are having surgery because of their lack of gag reflex. They are having tubes placed so that their feeds go directly to their bellies in hopes that they will not aspirate. Please continue to praise God for what He has done so far in these little one's lives and for what He is yet to do! Robby and Candice are still uncertain as to the cognitive delays they will face with the boys. Please pray that if they are to receive negative news, that it be delivered in such a way that it is easier to handle. We know how great God is and the wonderful things He can do. If only we believe and trust in Him!
Susie Wingard- Candice's mom is undergoing cancer treatments. The first couple have made her sick, so please pray that God will deliver strength to her during these treatments.
Charlotte- Laura Beth's sister
Justin- Wiggins' nephew is doing better with the med increase. Please continue to remember him and his family as they continue to adjust and progress with positive behavior.
Our SS class-that we would be witness to others and that we would not be ashamed to go out, reach out to others and bring them to God's house to worship with us.
Winston- living with other Aunt and is doing better since surgery. He is undergoing PT to strengthen his leg. Please pray that his family will be willing to support him with the decision about college, especially if their is a scholarship available. Pray that they will see this as a positive for Winston.
Destiny- Jenn's step-sisters daughter. Has some delays. Please pray for wisdom and patience for the family as they care for this little one. Please pray that her life will be filled with happiness, peace and love while she is here with us. She has no muscle control which makes breathing difficult. She is in the hospital in Birmingham on the ventilator.
Please let Laura Beth know when would be a good time for you for a SS social. Please give her some ideas on what you think would be fun for the group to do.
Have a great week! Be a blessing to someone!

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 24, 2009

I was not there this past Sunday, so I do not have announcements and prayer requests other than:
Men's night tonight at Charles' house
Winston may be moving in the Ellis family
Wiggins' nephew may be moved to a home for behavior. Please be in prayer for him and those who will be in contact with him to help him heal.

If you know of others, please email me so I can get them posted!! Have a great week!!